Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Date: 2022-11-30

With its reasonable offers and excellent quality healthcare, Turkey, which connects Asia and Europe, is positioned to be one of the top destinations for medical tourism.

With its reasonable offers and excellent quality healthcare, Turkey, which connects Asia and Europe, is positioned to be one of the top destinations for medical tourism.

Turkey has been steadily increasing as a prospective medical tourism destination for several years. Because of its placement between Asia and Europe, the country is well positioned to attract medical and wellness visitors from both regions. As a result, here are some reasons why travelers should choose Turkey over other wellness tourism locations.

The Turkish Ministry of Health owns and operates around 55 percent of Turkey's 1200+ hospitals, with the remaining held by universities, private enterprises, and foreign organizations. The JCI (Joint Commissions International), JACHO (Joint Commission on Healthcare Organizations Accreditation), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and Western medical associations and facility affiliations are among the accreditations held by the majority of hospitals.

Turkey offers world-class medical institutions that employ board-certified medical specialists from the United States. Another important reason why medical tourists travel to Turkey is the country's excellent quality healthcare standards. The majority of medical facilities that cater to international tourists are JCI (Joint Comission International) approved.

Many health tourism locations include cutting-edge medical and healthcare facilities that provide a variety of operations at very reasonable pricing. Dental surgery, cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, infertility treatment, eye surgery, and cancer treatments are some of the most common operations available in these locales.

Hair transplantation is one of the complex medical procedures that must be performed with caution. Not many countries are well placed to provide such advanced procedures to their residents at reasonable costs. Turkey has emerged as a new destination for hair transplantation and other innovative hair treatments. Despite the fact that there are various alternative medical tourism locations, visitors from the United Kingdom and the Mediterranean appear to trust Turkey for hair transplants. Modern medical technology and cheap expenses are unquestionably two of the trigger factors.

When compared to countries such as England, the waiting period for a treatment in Turkey is substantially shorter. This is another tempting element for medical tourists, since they may resume work and everyday activities quickly.

In addition to the offered high-quality facilities, medical tourists may take advantage of thermal baths and health care packages that include five-star hotel accommodations. Medical tourists from Europe, including Ukraine, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, and other nations, as well as the Middle East and Latin America, have made Turkey a popular destination.

With plastic surgery being a major driver of global medical tourism, it is easy to understand why Turkish clinics are becoming international centers for cosmetic surgery. The 2nd Vice President of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and the President of the European Rhinoplasty Society have both acknowledged that the Turkish cosmetic surgeons have been doing miracles in changing their clients' appearances.

With about thirty million people visiting each year, the country is currently the sixth most visited destination for tourists from all around the world. Turkey's reputation as a tourist destination is expanding as a result of its various attractions, which range from magnificent coasts with pristine coves and sandy beaches to historical sites and distinctive landscapes such as Cappadocia. This influences medical tourists' destination selections.

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