Planning Private Health Trip

Planning Private Health Trip

Date: 2022-09-19

Advantages of Health Tourism Packages

Planning Private Health Trip

Advantages of Health Tourism Packages

Each person has the right to get the highest value and the relevant medical service. You may need to get dental implants or veneers to have a whiter and nicer smile. For better eyesight, you may need to get a specific laser operation. If you have been suffering for high rates of hair loss, you may need to get hair transplant or micro-injection treatments. The standards of health insurance system in your country, like many others, will not help you go beyond the minimum services. In many western countries, you will need to pay huge amounts of insurance for unexpected treatments and such kind of innovative methods in medicine.

Those several examples above require even more complicated procedures, such as the use of specific equipments not provided by every clinic or step-by-step awaiting lists. Globalization with faster movement of people and goods have generated a new term as ¨health tourism¨. The underlying concept refers to that need for differentiated medical services in low-cost environment. The metaphoric idea is ¨travel for health treatment while vacating¨. Preeminent as a ¨3s¨ tourism locality, Turkey emerges as a shining health tourism destination. Neighbouring the European and Middle East zones, Turkey asserts rivalry with a strong health system, high quality services and low-cost travel packages.

Five Tips on How to Choose the Personalized Medical Tourism Plan

Turkey as a medical tourism venue for dental care, medical care and hair implant seekers, provides high technology use, innovative approaches with on-going patient-centred practices. Detailed diagnosis and treatment procedures led by internationally experienced medical researchers and practitioners teams, Turkish hospitals, clinics and medical centres create confidential and trusted environment for different kinds of complicated surgeries. The critical question here is what aspects you should consider when you are trying to get the highest benefit? These five criteria would help you with the right decision making on health tourism:

  • High technology use in the specific field of medicine you need and continuous negotiation of professionals
  • Nationally or internationally certified (usually JCI accredited) clinic for health tourism implementations
  • Personalized healthcare travel plan for patients and patient companions to save time and facilitate transport
  • The highest care and hygiene consolidations, in compliance with on-going standards, to avoid contamination and epidemic risks
  • Professionally and medically equipped healthcare staff to monitor each step of your health treatment plan

If you need to summarize these criteria, you can think about five concepts underlying the core: Hi-tech, accreditation, patient-focus, patient safety and professionalization in medical settings. Yet, health tourism planning in Turkey provides much more than up-to standard solutions: The secret is how they combine the route to cover your personal medical needs and your personal health travel urges.

Prioritized Needs and Personalized Scheduling for Health Tourism

Medical tourism has two counterparts like on a double-sided mirror. The brighter side shows up with the ultimate goal of maintaining the personalized medical treatment in a systematic way. Here, the coordination of medical and professional teams polishes that effect. The shadowing side reflects the basis of that success: All the preparations, monitoring and one-to-one guidance of trusted health travel planners pave the route to the best health tourism outcome.

What does a personalized health travel plan cover? In fact, it is a systematic work to schedule the patient’s and companion’s all travel needs in an efficient way. A personalized plan will include eight basic solutions to facilitate a successful health trip abroad:

  1. Booking domestic and international travel tickets for arrival and departure,
  2. reserving over-standards accommodation,
  3. coordinating the transfers to the hospital and airport,
  4. setting all necessary reservations for medical diagnosis and treatment procedures in a timely manner,
  5. considering and checking personal needs of disabled and elderly patients,
  6. allocating city tours and short trips before and after the intervention,
  7. making translation services ready if needed and
  8. keeping up with the farewell service for the departure of the patient and companion after the treatment.

Professional health tourism planners in Turkey focus on ultimate patient safety and full satisfaction of the traveller. It is always the privilege to work with proactive health tourism agencies like Reviveair to enjoy your trip without worrying for any details.

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