What is Health Tourism?

What is Health Tourism?

Date: 2022-09-19

Health tourism, in short, is an individual visit to a country in order to receive both preventive, therapeutic, rehabilitative and health-promoting services.

What is Health Tourism?

Health tourism, in short, is an individual visit to a country in order to receive both preventive, therapeutic, rehabilitative and health-promoting services. Health tourism is a sector that enables the growth of health institutions by using its mobility potential for international health purposes. Health tourism is a rapidly rising trend in the world and in Turkey in recent years and it is a very important alternative tourism type.

Now, people act by comparing not only the health opportunities and expenses in their own countries but also the best treatment and price opportunities in other countries for the suitable solution of health problems. Turkey, when evaluated in terms of quality in health tourism, taking in 6th place among the leading countries in the world. For this reason, millions of patients from all over the world prefer our country for their treatment.

What Does Health Tourism Include?

There are several types of health tourism and they all serve for different purposes. Turkey is one of the rare countries that can offer services in all titles of health tourism.

  • Thermal Health Tourism: Spa treatments and physiotherapy, talossotherapies, hydrotherapy and exercises, balneotherapy, peloidotherapy and climatherapy.
  • Medical Tourism: Advanced treatments (Cardiovascular Surgery, Radiotherapy, cyberknife etc.) transplantation, infertility (IVF applications), plastic surgery, eye, dental, dialysis treatments etc.
  • 3rd Age Tourism: Sightseeing tours, occupational therapies, elderly care services (nursing homes or rehabilitation services), rehabilitation services at the clinic hotels.
  • Disabled Tourism: Special care and sightseeing tours for disabled people.

What Are The Services?

Reviveair health tourism services plan personalized health travel. With the quality and reliable health services, patients satisfaction is guaranteed from the moment they arrive in Turkey until they leave. During the Covid19 pandemic that the world is trying to deal with, traveling has become a difficult and feared activity. Reviveair guarantees you protection and hygiene during the pandemic. Precautions will be taken for Covid19 at every stage from the first moment you arrive to our country until you take off with your return plane.

Reviveair service primarily starts with the treatment plan and consultancy. First, it is essential to find the appropriate treatment and doctor for the patient's condition. When patients decide to be treated in Turkey, flights are organized according to the patient's request. After the flight ticket is purchased, suitable accommodation options are offered for the patient. After the patients come to the country, they are welcomed at the airport and transferred to their hotel or hospital by Reviveair. The communication with the patient is maintained before coming to the country and throughout the treatment period. The treatment process is performed by specialist doctors. The patient, whose treatment is completed, is transferred to the airport after all official procedures are completed. You can relievedly trust Reviveair for your health and safety. Reviveair is with you from the first moment to the end!

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