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Official health standards

Our top goal at hospitality has always been the safety of our guests and workers. We have adopted additional protocols and measures to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 as we move into the normalization phase and begin tourism-related activities. These precautions complement our stringent cleanliness and health-protection requirements.

All of the procedures implemented in our hotels are in conformity with the World Health Organization's circular.

Hygiene and cleaning

When it comes to your personal safety, the pandemic is likely to be on your mind when you restart regular travel. We make certain that the cleaning staff is informed of the concerns of cross-contamination. Hotels are going above and beyond to make their visitors feel protected. And it appears that these steps are having an effect.

To reduce the transmission of bacteria, frequently used items like as remote controls, light switches, drinking glasses, and headboards are well cleaned. Gloves used to clean the toilet are discarded and changed before coming into touch with any other surface or item.

Accommodation basics

The modern rooms and suites are decorated in warm colors. They include satellite TVs, mini-bars and bathrobes and slippers for extra comfort. Also, the guests can take advantage of free wi-fi all around the hotels. Guests can enjoy spas with hot tubs and modern gyms. Various massages are available as well. Hotel restaurant serve a range of cuisines, either as a buffet or à la carte.

Social Distance

The check-in and check-out processes adhere to the essential measures. To avoid crowding during check-in and check-out transactions, social distancing methods have been implemented, and the organization of the relevant space has been adjusted accordingly. During check-in, all of our guests are invited to complete a questionnaire, and written information about the hotel's procedures and measures is provided. After each use, materials used by our guests during check-in and check-out transactions are disinfected.

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