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Reviveair is your assistant who creates your online medical travel service. We are planning the best health travel organization with you for the operation you need.

Patients are traveling to Turkey because of the high quality of healthcare, affordability, access of care or better availability.

Turkey has many health organizations accredited by international institutions and successful physicians. We work with hospitals and clinics with international certificates to offer you the best.

Your comfort is so important for us. By the reason, all services offered by us are completely free.

After your treatment decision in Turkey, the medical reports you send to us enter the preliminary examination by “Health Tourism Turkey” health consultants and doctors. As a result of the evaluation, possible treatment options are determined, and the best doctors and hospitals are contacted, and treatment options are created for you. We determine the most suitable treatment program together with you. All this is offered to you free of charge.

We share the options with you. Together we determine the most suitable time and clinic for you. After you decide to be treated at a clinic, let us plan the treatment details for you.

We arrange your flights, accommodation reservations and transfers in accordance with international standards with your comfort in mind.

Our VIP vehicles will be waiting for you at the scheduled time for your transfers from the airport to the hospital.

Upon your request, you and your companions will be offered different accommodation options with good quality and reasonable prices by our team before your treatment.

We can provide translator and health assistance services. When you come to Turkey, a staff interpreter who speaks your language will meet you at the airport and provide you with health assistance during the entire treatment process.

Istanbul is big touristic city. Our team will organize all kinds of events you want to perform in Istanbul.

Our team will provide your transfer and flight tickets for your return to your country after your treatment.

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